Tips to Finding the the best exogenous ketones

Not all exogenous ketone supplements are created equal.

Unlike other widely used supplements that can be very similar in composition such as protein powder or minerals, the efficacy and sourcing of ketones is critical when choosing what can work for you.

Think of a lock having only one key that fits. Properly sourced betahydroxybuterate has isomers that acts as a key to unlock maximizing the ketone delivery potential for your body (8). If you use a product that used a mixed isomer, it will simply not work or only half the time.

Companies that are synthetically producing ketones will lead to unwanted byproducts and are not utilizing the bioidentical ketones that our bodies natural make. Look for exogenous ketones that use naturally fermented, that contain to formaldehyde or crotonic acid.

As a rule of thumb, be sure to read through all the label to note any additives or artificial ingredients that are often added to enhance flavor. If there are ingredients listed that cannot be pronounced, or sweeteners that are not natural such as sucralose or maltitol, you may want to heed with caution.

which exogenous ketones are best

Where are you finding your exogenous ketone supplements?

Have you frequented your local grocery or supplement store and noticed an influx of “keto-friendly” products? Yes – now that it’s mainstream, there are many companies touting products that will help you get into ketosis but do not actually contain BHB ketones.

This is why the high quality sourced betahydroxybuterate ketones are found from established companies and purchased direct, usually online. They are transparent with their ingredients and should not contain fillers or be evasive in their marketing.

Remember that beyond the sourcing of ketones, your taste buds will also appreciate quality. This means that the over the counter supplements that cost less will likely not be as palatable or enjoyable for flavor. The highest rated ketones in Canada, are KETO OS NAT from Pruvit Canada

Best advice is to do your own research and seek out real testimonials of the products prior to committing. Try flavors and formulas in sample packs when feasible, and use your own experience to determine outcome.

Lastly, if you want a true indication of effectiveness, get yourself a blood ketone monitor such as Keto Mojo or a blood glucose reader like Precision Neo with the b-ketone strips. If you notice an elevation in your blood ketones after consumption, it is a good indicator that the exogenous ketone supplement works as it should.

Best time to take exogenous ketones

Theoretically, exogenous ketone supplements can be consumed at any time during the day and work. Having said that, it’s important to determine your goals and your lifestyle first to establish what times may work best for you.

If your goal is to amplify your physical performance during exercise, it is recommended to take your supplement pre-workout, approximately a half to full hour prior to commencing. This will allow enough time to intake and ketones become your primary energy source throughout your endurance period.

If you wish to have lasting benefits throughout the day, then consuming in the morning hours will be effective at boosting mental clarity and focus, augmenting energy, and depending on your eating habits, stay in your system for most of the day.

Morning is also beneficial if you are consuming an exogenous ketone supplement that has caffeine content. If you’re caffeine tolerance is low, you may want to consider taking it at least 4 hours prior to bedtime to avoid any disruption in your sleep.

Ketones are known for aiding with better signaling in the brain (7) which has led to better quality sleep. So if you do have a caffeine-free version of exogenous ketone supplements and seek more zzz’s, then afternoon to evening consumption can be beneficial.

Do exogenous ketones assist in weight loss/fat loss?

It is noted that the hunger hormone ghrelin is decreased with the presence of ketones, which aids in spurring weight loss.  (3)

As ketone bodies are muscle sparing in nature, this means that overall body composition can be positively altered with a combination of hunger reduction leading to less calories ingested over the day and retaining lean muscle as fat is burned.

Without having to put into place a strict caloric restriction, the effect that exogenous ketones have metabolically allow users to go for longer periods of time without feeling hungry. This is beneficial as well for those who would like to incorporate longer periods of intermittent fasting, which in conjunction with ketosis is highly effective for ongoing fatloss results.

Exogenous ketone supplements themselves are not labelled a weightloss supplement. It is the BHB ketones themselves that hold the key to liberating your body of the supporting factors that can lead to obesity or weight gain.

Are there side effects to taking exogenous ketone supplements?

As for any supplementation, if you are concerned about usage, have a specific condition or are pregnant or nursing, you should consult a medical professional. While approved by health agencies as a dietary supplement, they are not a pharmaceutical treatment and individual usage may differ.

The majority of exogenous ketone supplements on the market today are bonded with a salt blend that is used to transport through the body. This elevated amount of potassium, magnesium and sodium can cause some gastrointestinal disruption at the onset and starting with a half dosage is often recommended. Once your body adapts, it has been purported to dissipate.

Achieving state of ketosis can cause frequent urination leading to dehydration. Water intake is important to maintain hydration while consuming exogenous ketones to prevent headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue associated with dehydration.

Are Exogenous Ketone Supplements for you?

If you are new to adopting a low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle, or are attempting to make the conversion, they have been an excellent biohacking tool to help you ease the transition and bridge gaps that could hinder your success.

Whatever your motivation, there is ample supporting research showing the validity of quality exogenous ketone supplements across the spectrum.

At the end of the day, experimentation and identifying your outcome will help you to determine if exogenous ketone use is right for you.


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