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Canada’s source for everything to know about Exogenous Ketones. Here is where you can find Ketosis Canada – for Pruvit Keto OS NAT in Canada. Learn the truth about Exogenous Ketones the good and the bad, and how to maximize your results from taking them. If you are following a ketogenic diet, low carb diet, or even intermittent fasting, then you may already know all about ketosis and ketones, but are exogenous ketones really going to help you get the extra benefit that you are looking for? Which exogenous ketones are best? We will help answer that..


What are “Ketones” & “Exogenous Ketones”?

First and foremost for those of you that don’t know what happens with ketone bodies in the body when you are utilizing fuel, your body is either using glucose or it’s using fats (which are ketones) and when you totally run out of glucose and you run out of muscle glycogen your body switches gears and starts utilizing ketones as a source of fuel that’s how we know we’re in ketosis. For hormonal balance take a look at seed cycling.

Now the thing is there are exogenous ketones which are literally those same ketones but just in a nutritional drink supplement. All exogenous means is that you’re getting it from an external source. You also produce ketones these are called “endogenous ketones”, meaning you’re producing them with bodyfat breakdown in your body. But if you get them exogenously it means you’re taking a supplement so “exogenous ketones” are just ketones that are put in a supplement for you to drink.

Now the whole idea being drinking ketones is that when you consume exogenous ketones they’re going to give you more energy or they might help you get into ketosis faster. There are numerous benefits to using exogenous ketones. Lets get more into that.

We should first break down:

What exactly are “Ketones” & “Exogenous Ketones”?

How do they work in the body when it comes down to potential fat loss.

How do they work in the body when it comes down to energy

How they work in the body when it comes down to brain optimization

Exogenous Ketones Salts

What is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate?

So exogenous ketones are mainly made of “beta-hydroxybutyrate” which is the main ketone your body creates. Beta-hydroxybutyrate aka ketones are made from fatty acids which comes from your body fat. Its converted to ketones so the body can use it as a form of fuel.

How Do Exogenous Ketones work in the body? And for Fat Loss?

When your body is not using glucose its using ketones, and when it using ketones you have a lot more energy per gram than you do coming from glucose. So when we’re looking at ketones in theory they are very powerful. Let’s take a look at how it works when it comes down to fat loss.

A lot of people will argue that taking ketones puts you into a deeper state of ketosis and thereby helps you burn more fat well in some ways that’s true in some ways it’s not. What we do have to look at first is that whenever you take an exogenous ketone you’re putting something in front of the endogenous production the endogenous production of ketones is burning your body fat.

It’s burning your fat stores so when you add an exogenous source to the mix you’re putting something in front of it so you’re possibly slowing the process down. Some people have been using keto pills to help speed up ketosis as well.

But also very important to know is that what ends up happening is exogenous ketones create what’s called a “feedback loop”. You exogenously put ketones in the body, and then remove those ketones your body’s going to be searching for them basically, it’s something like this:

  1. You take exogenous ketones your body says “YES! I love running on these powerful ketones” and then suddenly you take them away and your body is like “Wait where are the ketones!?”
    1. So what happens next is it starts creating them a little bit faster (by breaking down your body fat stores) so taking exogenous ketones it is a way to make your body to produce more ketones from your body fat which thereby help you lose more fat but in the short term taking ketones right out the gate will give you more energy, appetite suppression and focus.



Fat Loss


How Do Exogenous Ketones work for Fat Loss
Glucose and ketones

What if I have Glucose (carbs) and Ketones?

A common question is “What if I have carbs with exogenous ketones? What happens?”

Understanding glucose metabolism (how glucose is used) in conjunction with exogenous ketones is important – and is possible. Studies have shown that when you consume exogenous ketones your body preferentially wants to run on them which means glucose metabolism slows down which sounds like a good thing at first but when you realize what’s happening it’s a little bit tricky and you have to just make sure that you’re cautious. Contact us if you have any questions.

Basically, look at it like this

  1. You just consumed a bunch of carbohydrates and you’re ready to workout. Your body’s about to burn all of those carbohydrates normally that wouldn’t cause an issue because you’re not going to store those carbohydrates they’re going be burned for fuel.
  2. Now if you decide to take exogenous ketones along with your carbohydrates, since exogenous ketones are such an easier fuel to use which is a good thing. But the kind of bad thing is the body wants to use those instead, so now the glucose that you already consumed from the carbohydrates isn’t getting utilized it’s just sitting there. So if you consume carbohydrates in conjunction with beta-hydroxybutyrate you could be putting yourself in a situation to store that glucose as fat despite the fact that you’ll have an abundant energy coming from the ketones.

So you just have to be aware of that so case in point is simply that when you use exogenous ketones you’re going to get the most fat loss effect if you are already in a nutritional state of ketosis not if you’re adding them along with lots of carbohydrates.

But let’s talk about the brain. You see the brain normally utilizes glucose as a source of fuel. If you are looking for keto pills in Canada you can find them. It’s what it’s designed to run on, however ketone bodies are so much smaller there’s such a small molecule they can cross through the blood-brain barrier and get utilized by the brain a lot easier! 

They don’t have a whole lot of processing that gets involved they just provide instant energy so when you’re consuming ketones you do get a big boost in brain performance. A huge boost in brain performance, but you also have to be aware of the fact that again if you’re consuming glucose (carbs) along with these ketones that glucose is just going to sit there again.

You’re going to feel amazing, you’re going to have tremendous brain performance, but you might store that glucose and quite honestly the studies are inconclusive because beta-hydroxybutyrate as an exogenous ketones is still so new we’re still waiting on more research to see what really happens with that glucose that’s just sitting there.

Does Exogenous Ketones help with Keto Flu?

The ever-popular keto flu (which is a good thing by the way). There is a lot of discussion about exogenous ketones to help you with the keto flu. In order to make a point of this I have to explain what the keto flu is.

The Keto flu is when you are first transitioning into ketosis (when your body depletes all the glucose, and is breaking down body fat for fuel into ketones) a lot of times you may feel:

  • Rundown
  • a little nauseous or get a headache
  • little bit sick (like the flu)
  • queasy or unlike yourself

Does Exogenous Ketones help with Keto Flu

Well this happens for two reasons:

  1. Most common is simply because your body is in that transition phase it doesn’t know how to utilize fats yet it’s so use to utilizing carbs – which there is little of now at this point.


  2. the other situation is actually the opposite when your body does start producing ketones its producing them inefficiently, it’s just producing a ton of them. You actually produce so many ketones that you kind of make yourself sick, and you have to burn them of activity.

So exogenous ketones can help with the keto flu if you’re dealing with the situation 1 (which most people are). If you’re in a situation where you’re trying to encourage your body to slowly start utilizing ketones a bit more by adding those ketones into the mix exogenously. You stimulate the body to want to use them, but if you were the other kind of person that’s dealing with the keto flu because you have too many ketones. That doesn’t mean exogenous ketones aren’t for you it just means that you have the different kind of keto flu that you shouldn’t be using them right now.

How does Exogenous Ketones Improve Exercise & Performance?

Many people are drinking exogenous ketones for energy and exercise performance because this is where ketones really can shine. When we are exercising generally speaking we’re utilizing carbs/glucose. We’re using glucose or using stored glycogen that’s been broken down into glucose. Now the only exception is when you’re doing very very long duration low intensity cardio. That’s when your body utilizes beta-hydroxybutyrate and starts utilizing fats as a source of fuel almost 100%!

But let’s just forget, if we’re looking at general exercise the body’s going to burn through carbs and then it’s going to go to ketones. So if you give yourself ketones in conjunction with carbs your body’s going to have ketones already available. So it’s going to burn through those ketones which actually yield more energy, so you may be storing that glycogen again but you will find that you perform better with your exercise. Because those ketones are so efficient, additionally when it comes to endurance activities exogenous ketones will help you immensely.

Exogenous ketones will allow you to perform significantly better in endurance activities and studies have proven that time and time again whether or not carbs are in the equation. The real place that beta-hydroxybutyrate (ketones) outperform is if you are already in ketosis (example following a keto diet) because you’re giving yourself the fuel that you’re already using. You’re already using ketones, you’re just giving yourself more of it!

You can basically think of it like this – if you’re running on carbs we’re told that you should replenish yourself with a Gatorade for example so you get the carbs that come in from a Gatorade and it gives you this energy in the form of carbs. Carbs aren’t always good because they can get stored as fat -ketones don’t get stored its fat.

Carb Energy

if you’re a carb metabolizer and you add Gatorade into the mix you’re giving yourself carb energy.

Ketone Energy

If you’re a ketone metabolizer because you’re in ketosis and you give yourself ketones you’re giving yourself energy. So it works out a lot better because those ketones don’t get stored as fat.

The simple math here is that if you’re in ketosis, ketones will give you a lot of fuel now. If you are looking again just for pure performance improvements, and you’re not worried about body composition or getting a super lean as possible. Adding ketones in addition to glucose during a workout can be very very powerful.

You will find that you have a lot of energy because your body can still use the glucose for very high intensity movements, but utilize the ketones for the lower intensity movements.

A good example is CrossFit. CrossFit combines a lot of lifting, high paced jump-roping etc. Ordinarily we don’t have readily available fuel sources for both types of activities. Carbs are used for the lifting part,  fat’s/ketones are used for cardio part.

We don’t always have them both readily available. But when we use exogenous ketones we do! You see we have the carbs that are going to get us through the heavy lifts, and we have the ketones that are already there to get us through the cardio – it’s like the perfect CrossFit or high-intensity interval training fuel!

Hoping this clears the information out there about exogenous ketones, and how to use them to reach your goals.

  • They’re good, they have a practical application depending on what you are doing.
  • They are good for body composition if you’re already in ketosis.
  • They’re great for performance if you’re not already in ketosis

End of the day, the best way to experience them – is to just try them. And monitor how you feel, perform etc. It has helped 1000’s of people, it may just be what you have been looking for. Contact us below for more information or help. If you are looking to become a ketones distributor – click here.

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