Let’s learn about exogenous ketones and the benefits that they have to offer. It’s important to first understand the energy sources that are in the body and how they operate. But also, the benefits that you get from using exogenous ketones. I’ll share some of my personal experience as to what I noticed from supplementing with exogenous ketones. We found the best ketones drinks in Canada to be at Ketosis Canada website.


When you look at the body’s fuel sources basically there are two. Let’s start with carbohydrates / sugars. So if you’re someone who’s consuming a carbohydrate rich diet what’s going to happen is those carbohydrates consumed are going to break down into glucose for immediate energy use. That’s glucose for current bodily functions so that your body can operate, and then you’re also going to have those carbs breakdown in the glycogen. This is stored energy the liver, basically now what happens is that when we deplete these glycogen stores that’s where we start burning energy from fat (aka ketones).

The question is well “how do we deplete glycogen to get fat burning”. Well the best way to deplete these glycogen stores is by following a ketogenic diet (or low carb). As well, long-term calorie restriction, long-term sustained exercise, or even doing fasting. That’s how you will actually deplete down those glycogen stores and start burning that fat for energy. Once you actually start burning your fat for energy what’s going to happen is that that fat is going to break down into ketones.

Now some people say “well I don’t actually want to do the ketogenic diet or fasting or any of that stuff”. They go right from carbs to ketones for energy and that’s where exogenous ketones come in. Seed cycling Canada is where to get seeds from. When we look at exogenous ketones they have a ton of benefits they offer. The major benefits as seen in the ketogenic diet, without actually doing the ketogenic diet – that’s pretty cool.

Benefits such as:

  • Fat loss
  • Appetite suppression
  • Muscle preservation
  • Instant and consistent energy
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Improved sleep

That’s where researchers actually came in and said well, we noticed the benefits that these people are getting from the ketogenic diet. How do we offer that to people in a supplement they can drink? – exogenous ketones were born!

Benefit of Exogenous ketones with a Keto Diet

To be clear, exogenous ketones is not meant to replacement the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet in its own right has many benefits that you may not get from using exogenous ketones alone. BUT the exogenous ketones and a keto diet together is a very powerful combo! Exogenous ketones certainly help out people who don’t want to go through the effort of being on a strict keto diet, or are just starting keto.

Benefits of Exogenous Ketones

There are many amazing benefits of using exogenous ketones – but let’s focus on the main ones.

First of all it’s a carb free fuel source for the muscle and brain. Now this is really interesting because we know that ketones are a better fuel source or more sustainable fuel source for:

  • the muscles
  • the cells
  • and the brain

So if you are someone who’s trying to actually lose fat, exogenous ketones can be very powerful for that.

The other thing is when people are suffering from cognitive issues, sometimes it can be very difficult for these people to actually go and follow the ketogenic diet. Well if you take exogenous ketones you’re still going get some of those great benefits that the ketogenic diet has to offer.

It also is going to help you with hunger and appetite control. If you’re someone who’s trying to get into intermittent fasting, or if you’re someone who just started following a ketogenic diet and you’re finding you’re hungry all the time. Exogenous ketones can be very powerful for that! Especially when it comes to fat loss overall.

Once again if you’re someone who’s trying to lose fat you can actually start adding in exogenous ketones to your healthy diet – it’s powerful! It will also help stimulate that metabolic shift. If you’re someone who’s a carb burner or sugar burner, and you’re trying to switch to a fat burner it’s going to help kind of promote that state of ketosis.

Now the other thing that we have to look at is when we look at stimulating that metabolic shift. It’s when you’re trying to get into the “state of ketosis” and you’re making that metabolic shift. You may experience something called “the keto flu” and it’s not so pleasant (it’s like having the flu). But taking exogenous ketones is going to help promote you getting into ketosis, but it’s also going to help get rid of the keto flu.

Basically when you put those ketones in your body, and your body uses them as a fuel source your body wants more of them so it starts promote the breakdown of fat to make your own ketones in the body.

Improved Focus and Cognitive function.

Now the next benefit of exogenous ketones is its going to help increase cognition function. Using exogenous ketones really offers a lot of brainpower. A lot of people who actually start following the ketogenic diet say “Wow my brain works so much better” if you’re actually following the ketogenic diet and using exogenous ketones it acts as a really great boost – a fuel source for your brain! People who are

  • going into business meetings
  • trying to increase their focus
  • trying to increase memory and cognitive performance

Let’s say if you’re in college or something along those lines exogenous ketones helps quite a bit. Gets your mind and brain cranking and working so well and so focused when using exogenous ketones. So I’ve been really liking them for that purpose.

Immediate & Sustained Energy

The next big benefit of using exogenous ketones is the immediate and sustained energy.

When we look at this – it’s pretty cool. This is another way that I’ve been using exogenous ketones daily based on my personal experience from using exogenous ketones while on the ketogenic diet.

So when we look at this fuel source, it’s very incredible for a couple reasons. First of all using it as a pre-workout is very powerful. It’s going to really help give you that extra energy especially while on a ketogenic diet to really perform well. As well for exercise, the other thing that it’s actually good for is long-term sustained running. So let’s say if you’re going on a long-distance run this is also really great for that to keep you consistently fueled for duration of time.

The last thing I want to mention on this benefit is that if you’re combining carbs and exogenous ketones – it is absolute fire! It’s like a double energy source and as a matter of fact it acts as like a fourth energy source. Preserving our endogenous energy for later on in the exercise but actually using the exhaust ketones as an immediate fuel source which is really powerful. So this is really great for a pre-workout! When you look at exogenous ketones, you may want to add some MCTS. MCT is known to help promote ketosis and promote natural ketone production.

Exogenous ketones are a great mid-afternoon energy source as well (I use it in this manner). So overall there are many great benefits to using exogenous ketones within a keto diet or even low carb. There is a place for ketones. My encouragement is to just try them, see how they work for you into achieving the goals you are going for. Contact me if you need any help in selecting the best exogenous ketone for your goals. I am here to help.


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